Essential Driver Training

Essential Driver Training

EDT stands for Essential Driver Training.

EDT is a training course teaching fundamental driving skills to learner drivers.

EDT is mandatory and must be completed by law by all learner drivers who received their first driving permit on or after the 4th April 2011.

EDT is a course of 12 lessons for learners of the Category B, vehicles over a six month period. As you complete each one hour lesson your Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) will record your progress and what you need to work on in a specially issued logbook. Angela Ward Driving School will provide you with your logbook before you start your EDT lessons.

Each EDT lesson is signed off on by Angela provided you reach the required standard for that lesson.

EDT Lesson Consist of the Following
1. Car controls and safety checks
2. Correct positioning
3. Changing direction
4. Progression management
5. Correct positioning (while progressing through traffic)
6. Anticipation and reaction
7. Sharing the road
8. Driving safely through traffic (1 – 8 must be followed in sequence)
9. Changing direction (more complex situations)
10. Speed management
11. Driving calmly
12. Night driving.
(9 – 12 can be followed in any given order)