Test Tips – Position



When driving straight keep the car reasonably close to the LEFT when possible.

Road Position 1

Take up the correct road positioning turning right, just left of the centre of the road and just behind the white line.

Road Position 2

When turning left a common fault is approaching the junction too wide

Road Position 4 Road Position 3

Your car should be positioned reasonably close to the left.


Listen carefully to the directions the tester gives on approach to a ROUNDABOUT, and ensure you approach in the correct lane.

Road Position - roudabout 1 Road Position - roudabout 2

DO NOT encroach the road markings ie. Keep in your lane, even if there is nobody in the other lane.

Road Position - roudabout 3   

Listen carefully to the directions the tester gives you on approach to the DIAMOND …. THE BEST WAY TO DESCRIBE THIS IS LIKE A FUNNY SHAPED ROUNDABOUT.


I will cover the correct use of signals and lane discipline on the ‘Diamond’ Donegal town fully ( on driving lesson in Donegal Town).


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