Test Tips – Speed


Obey the Various Speed Signs, around Donegal Town there are 5 distinct speed zones 30km, 50km, 60km, 80km and 100km

60Km in Town Outskirts good landmarks to watch out for are Mickey Macs garage on exiting Donegal town heading for Killybegs and also after the hospital on your Left on exiting Donegal Town heading to Letterkenny.

80 Km on a Regional road
. Look out for the B and B sign after you pass the Abbey Vocational School exiting Donegal town on approach to Sligo.Nb there is NO 60Km on this stretch of road, it changes straight from 50Km to 80Km

If the Tester takes you on the By Pass this is a National Road with a Speed limit of 100Km. Depending on Road and Traffic conditions, the Tester is expecting PROGRESS on this stretch.



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