Test Tips – Rules & Checks


Before you go in for your driving test ensure that your car is parked safely and legally and that you have MAXIMUM visibility for moving off when your practical test commences.


The tester will ask you the Rules of the Road , driving theory questions and road signs at the start of your test.


See if you can identify these signs and road markings from around Donegal Town:


Series of dangerous bends
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A sample of questions that the driver tester may ask you can be found on the Q&A page of this website. Weather permitting, the driver tester may ask you to open the bonnet and identify various components and fluid Levels ;



1. Water for the Windscreen WasherCheck Engine Oil
2. How to check the level of Oil in your Engine
3. Where to top up your Engine Oil
4. How to check the level of Engine Coolant in your vehicle
5. How to check the level of Brake and Clutch fluid in your vehicle
6. How to check the level of Power Steering fluid in your vehicle
7.Where is the Battery in your car
8. Where is the Fuse box in your car



The driver tester may also ask you how to perform a visual inspection on your tyres.
Question 1 from our Q & A handout covers this.



The tester may also ask you fault analysis on various car partsCheck Tyre Tread
e.g. Lights, Indicators, Wipers, Brakes, Handbrake, Shock/Suspension of your car.……

Inside in the car, the tester may ask you to identify that the secondary controls are working properly, and that you know how to operate them.




Hazard Warning Lights


Lights , Indicators , Rear and / or Front Fog lights


Air controls


Also how to explain the various dials on your Dash board



The practical part of your test will take up to 30 minutes. 


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