"Angela Ward has excellent communication skills and her lessons are always up to date and relevant . I would highly recommend Angela Ward School of Motoring to get your lessons and pass your test."


"During my lessons with Angela she has helped me become a more safe and confident driver. She effectively pointed out my mistakes without making me nervous. She was also very accommodating finding a time that suited me."

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I would just like to thank Angela Ward for her great teaching skills in driving. I passed my test first time round and its all thanks to Angela's calm, patient, and straightforward manor. I enjoyed my lessons very much and I'm greatful I had Angela as my teacher. I got great positive tips and advice from Angela before my driving test and that gave me such confidence to do my test. Also Angela was very helpful and flexible with the times and dates I done my lessons which was good for me as I have a young baby. I would highly recommend this driving lesson teacher and its all thanks for her that I passed my test. It's a great achievement !!


"I was extremely nervous before my test ,and so took some extra lessons with Angela. She was extremely kind and patient, she had trust in me which gave me the little boost I needed!
Angela never ever lost her patience and always gave encouragement! I would urge anybody learning how to drive to take some lessons with Angela, she made my experience so much better.. and she had more faith in me than I had in myself because I passed my test on the first go! :)"


"Very informative and thorough level of instruction was given by Angela in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Definitely recommend Angela Ward School of Motoring for your driving lessons."


"Clear and informative lessons that really prepared me well for my driving test. Thanks a million Angela, highly recommended!"


very informative and thorough level of instruction was given in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere